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Our Story


Two years ago, Sydney approached her family with the idea of becoming a florist. Her intent was to create a vibrant and bold image that was new in the world of floral design. With the support of Sydney’s family who believed in her vision, Lemon Leaf Florist was born. Kimberly, who is Sydney’s mother and who also has an impressive background in hospitality, event production and art history, began to help Sydney with her company. Lemon Leaf became a mother-daughter duo through their partnership.

Most of the inspiration for Lemon Leaf’s floral designs stems from traveling and finding beauty in every corner of the world. Both Sydney + Kimberly have a constant desire to visit new places and soak in all of the incredible architecture and art that each different environment has to offer. Through these experiences, Sydney and Kimberly have gained knowledge regarding floral design on an international level. Therefore, the Lemon Leaf designs are unique, bold, breathtaking, and ultimately one of a kind. Read more about Sydney + Kimberly HERE.

The Lemon Leaf team focuses on weddings + events while continuing to create individual bouquets for the greater Austin area. Please view the SHOP page if you’re interested in ordering a bouquet for delivery.


LLF takes on a variety of projects + clients. Whether the vision is traditional, bohemian, glamorous, modern, or tropical, the duo gladly works with the client to transform any space into an amazing environment for an unforgettable event.

Lemon Leaf provides floral designs for large + small occasions alike. We design for intimate settings, such as baby showers + birthday dinners, as well as larger events, those of which include weddings + galas. Sydney + Kimberly work closely with several hotels located downtown, vineyards + venues in the beautiful hill country, and, of course,Lemon Leaf loves designing for the multiple venues right here in the neighborhood that provide stunning views of Lake Travis.  

“As Lemon Leaf Florist grows, the ultimate goal is to break into the destination wedding industry.  We are eager and able to create floral designs for weddings from coast to coast to international destinations.” - Sydney

If you are considering Lemon Leaf for your upcoming event, please see the EVENTS + WEDDING pages to learn more.


Lemon Leaf | A Design Studio


This past summer on June 15, Lemon Leaf Florist officially opened its doors and hosted a fantastic Grand Opening Party.  Thank you to everyone who joined us in celebrating our new Design Studio! We are thrilled to show our community the space that we have all worked tirelessly in creating. Through our shop, located on Lohmans Crossing Road in Lakeway, we look forward to continuing our growth as a company.

We could not have created the Lemon Leaf Grand Opening event without the help Santa Catarina, who provided delicious catering, and sweet treats provided by Hill Country Cakery.

Along with the help from the two places mentioned, there was champagne, floral arrangements, and an installation that was a mirrored wall comprised of 75 white orchids. All of which assisted in dazzling up the shop to create a magical night! Follow us on Facebook + Instagram for more photos.


Grand Opening White Party | Short film by Tank Goodness Photography


Tank Goodness Photography [tankgoodnessphoto.com]

Tank Goodness Photography [tankgoodnessphoto.com]

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Our Address | 1927 Lohman's Crossing Road Suite 100B Lakeway Texas 78734

Our Address | 1927 Lohman's Crossing Road Suite 100B Lakeway Texas 78734


Lemon Leaf | Something Borrowed

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We are excited to introduce our collection of rental items including beautiful furniture, lanterns, and a variety of decorative pieces. These items will make their debut on our BORROW page soon and are currently available in store. For inquiries, please contact Sydney | Sydney@LemonLeafFlorist.com 512.820.0219


Lemon Leaf | Luxury Linens Collection

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Our collection of linens are ready to view here. They are available to rent for your upcoming event or wedding. Prices ranging from $25-45 depending on fabric + design. For inquires, please contact Kimberly | Kimberly@LemonLeafFlorist.com 512.820.7619


Lemon Leaf | Instagram


Follow us on Facebook + Instagram to see photos of our latest events and to learn exciting new updates. We also post pictures from our experiences abroad so you can “travel” with us! Our most recent trip was to Papagayo, Costa Rica, where we attended the Karen Tran Floral Master Class. Before then, we went to a floral design class at McQueens Flower School in London, followed by a lovely mini vacation in Paris, France | One of Kimberly and Sydney's favorite cities.