Sydney Grgurich | Owner + Designer


Lemon Leaf Florist was born from owner Sydney Grgurich’s lifelong fascinations: all forms of art, architectural design, hospitality, throwing parties for friends + family to gather, laugh, and make beautiful memories. Sydney has a passion for travel that stems from a love of visiting new places, experiencing new cultures, and staying in beautiful resorts - go figure! After graduating from Texas A&M University, she put her degrees in International Studies + Business to work while allowing her creative talents to shine in the floral industry.

Sydney spent a summer attending a master floral design course in Covent Garden, London where she received the majority of her formal training. In addition, she has attended The Karen Tran Floral Experience in Santorini, Greece and Papagayo, Costa Rica. Her passion for travel has taken her through the Americas and Europe, and she hopes to continue discovering new beautiful places through the floral industry.

In her not-so-abundant free time, Sydney loves to see music, host dinner parties, spend time with family, and having her pilot’s license since she was 17, Sydney loves the hobby of flying when she can afford time to do so!

Favorite Colors | White, Pink

Favorite Flowers | Orchids, Freesia, Coral Peony

Favorite Place | A tie between Barcelona, Spain + Sorrento, Italy


Kimberly Mulloy | Creative Director


Sydney is incredibly blessed to have the support of her family, especially mother Kimberly Mulloy who is her partner in crime, and a constant source of sunshine, energy + inspiration. With a background in hospitality, event production, and art history, Kimberly jumped into the the quickly growing business and Lemon Leaf became a mother-daughter duo. 

Originally from Illinois, Kimberly Mulloy graduated from DePaul University in Chicago with a BFA in Art History, specifically studying architecture and interior design.  

After stints in interior design followed by hotel management, Kimberly turned her love of children with her passion for the arts into a teaching career that spanned 13 years. Working with elementary age children + those with special needs provided an outlet for her talents to flourish.  

Her consistent love of gardening, painting + travel have provided inspiration to seek out the beauty of daily life. Most recently, she has taken on the challenge of floral design and loves creating beautiful live art.  

Whether she is designing a small arrangement for a dining room table or a massive hotel installation, creativity + fearlessness are displayed through her beautiful floral creations.  

Favorite Colors | Yellow

Favorite Flowers | Hydrangea, Viburnum, Fuchsia Roses

Favorite Place | Anywhere in Costa Rica


More of Our Family

 L to R: Elise, Mia, Sydney, Judy + Kim at the Grand Opening Party

L to R: Elise, Mia, Sydney, Judy + Kim at the Grand Opening Party

 L to R: Doris, Alma, Sydney, Ashley + Megan at the Grand Opening Party

L to R: Doris, Alma, Sydney, Ashley + Megan at the Grand Opening Party

“We can’t wait to work with you! Cheers,” Sydney